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New Mobility aid benefit
We are pleased to be able to introduce our new benefit to members.

Mobility Aid Benefit
This benefit is payable to assist in the costs of mobility aids required for members, member’s spouse or dependent child.
This benefit is to assist our members cover costs associated with the hiring or purchases of mobility aids after an accident, illness or surgery.

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Please Note:  All Healthcare 99 Claim Forms must be sent directly to: Mark Langford, C\- Aon, P O Box 2845, WELLINGTON 6140
The Healthcare AGM this year will be held at Avalon Film and TV Studios, Lower Hutt beginning 12.30 on 29 June, 2016. We will be supplying a light lunch at 12.00 if you wish to join us for that.
16th Healthcare 99 AGM Report 2015

NZ ARMY LEAVE CENTRES - New Unit Form/No more inventory checks
From MAY 2016, thee is no longer a requirement for tenants to complete an inventory checklist at an Army Leave Centre unit. The new forms have been simplified to capture tenant's contact details, rate the unit condition on arrival
note any breakages or maintenance issues during your tenancy and a departure checklist.

The New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society is a non-profit organisation. If you wish to make a voluntary contribution to the Society, please add the word "Donation" along with your name, if you wish, and use the
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Latests News:

2016 Changes to Benefit Amounts

1. The Hospital visits benefit has been increased by $20 up to $80 for a child and increasedby $20 up to $100 for a member or their partner.

2. Gift basket benefit has also been increased by $20 up to $80 for a child and up to $100 for a member or their partner.

3. Home Help Benfit formerly at $250 is now up to $300. It has also been raised from $20 per day to $30 per day.

4. Birth benefit has been increased by $50 per child to $100 per child.

A new Mobility Benefit has been added - up to $300 a year to assist in the costs of Mobility Aids required for members, members partner or dependent child prior to 19 years.

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June 2016 Newsletter

June Newsletter 2016