Healthcare 99 Member Comments

As part of our continuing drive for excellence, the Welfare Society Board (The Trustee of Healthcare 99) carry out
a regular audit of members who have made a claim from their mutual health fund, Healthcare 99.

The form has three questions, each question with Yes/No tick boxe and a comments section.

We have added a few comments of how members feel about Healthcare 99.

  1. We received nothing but professional and courteous service from staff when we asked questions
    or asked for advice. Please thank them.
  2. I have never had an issue with a claim I have made -- Well done.
  3. I have been very satisfied with the Healthcare 99 service.
  4. No Problems, great service.
  5. Terrific service from Mark Langford re this claim, very helpful and made the process so easy.
  6. The service and personal attention in regard to queries have always been excellent.
  7. Paid in a timely fashion. For larger claims however it would be better if the "provider" was paid directly rather than pay the member and then the member pay the provider. This would speed up payment.

These are typical comments and as such we will continue to update them every few months.
Note: Re 7 above. Healthcare 99 can pay the provider direct in special circumstances.