Insurance Schemes

The Board of the Firefighters Welfare Society have negotiated with Aon New Zealand to find for you the best possible insurance deals that suit those who are members. The large society membership allows Aon New Zealand to bring to us some very good deals.

The Domestic plan offered provides cover for your house, contents, boat, accident and illness, motor vehicles, travel and personal legal expenses. This plan offers special benefits for firefighters, unavailable with other schemes.

The Life Insurance landscape is always changing. Contact Aon for an obligation free review of your current policy and your personal requirements.

Our Accident and Illness Icome Protection Insurancewould enable you to receive up to 100% of your net income for up to two years. We must all understand that for a large number of reasons any of us may be in a situation where we are unable to work for a long period and are therefore unable to generate the income to which we are accustomed. 

For Trauma Insurance there is a lump sum payout on diagnosis of a serious illness or trauma such as heart attack, stroke, cancer even serious burns. This insurance provides cover anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

For further information on what our plans offer and what not to do click on the links or phone Aon New Zealand on 0800 50 51 52. Please state you are a member of the Firefighters Welfare Society so that they can give you the appropriate plan.