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Earthquake Update 4

Having just completed the last update I find it hard to report that within a few days everything has changed with another large 6.3 shake having destroyed all the work previously achieved. Shops,schools, banks etc in the effected areas are all closed again with tons of liquifaction once again being... Read More

EarthQuake Update 3

4 Jun 2011

It is now June and more than 100 days since Christchurch was devastated by the quake. As such, I felt it was time to provide an update. Having read back through my Update 2, written about two months ago, I realised that absolutely nothing has changed. Read More

Earthquake Update 2

Life in Christchurch is becoming rather bleak with winter approaching. Every day another major employer lays off staff and there is really no good news available to boost spirits.The city centre will remain cordoned for many more months due to the huge demolition job remaining. Read More

Christchurch Earthquake Update 1

It is now day 23 of the major quake and Christchurch and surrounds are getting back to business. Large areas of the city centre are still barricaded off and other major arterial routes ,1 lane and 1 way due to temporary hoardings and fences. Read More

Earthquake Update 22 February

2 Feb 2011

Completed a very standard night shift. Stood at station doors thinking "I´m all caught up with my building work. Will go home for a quiet day".Breaky, tidy house, lawns, boiled up some rhubarb and placed on bench to cool, head to lounge, BOOM, CRASH, BOOM. Read More