Earthquake Update 4.

Having just completed the last update I find it hard to report that within a few days everything has changed with another large 6.3 shake having destroyed all the work previously achieved. Shops,schools, banks etc in the effected areas are all closed again with tons of liquifaction once again being removed.
Watching the neighbouring building with its tilt slab panals twisting and cracking like fire works is rather sobering knowing that as Firefighters we enter these types of buildings on a regular basis.

Residents are completely dejected as Ground Hog Day begins again.

2minutesaftershakejpg 4318 small

Only a minute after the shaking stopped the water began oozing up through any cracks in the drive.

2 minutes after the shake the liquifaction had covered the drive until after ten minutes it was 50mm deep everywhere.

liquifactionofmydrivejpg 9929 small

Liquifaction shoveled from my drive.
This is very typical of Christchurch from St Martins, through the City Centre, out to St Albans and East to the coast

groundhogdayjpg 8121 small 

moreplatesforthedumpjpg 6864 small

Yes, we are back to paper plates AGAIN.

thenewlookestuaryjpg 6668 small

 The new look Avon/Heathcote Estuary.

The estuary floor has risen with thousands of liqufaction "craters" covering the bottom. This has pushed up the floors of both rivers creating serious flooding problems in the future. To date the weather has been wonderful which has been an absolute blessing for all concerned.

To all local members, I know this sounds very hollow, but please stay positive and don"t be afraid to ask for help. We as a society will do all we can to assist.
Kevin Crozier Region 5 Bd Rep