(a) Each active member shall pay to the Society an annual contribution set forth
in the First Schedule hereto. Such contributions shall be payable in such periodic instalments
as the Board from time to time may determine.

(b) If any Member shall make default in payment of contributions or levies to the Society for a period of fourteen (14) days after such contributions or levies shall have become due, such Member and any Dependant shall not receive any benefits from the Society until such time as such default has been remedied and no further default shall have occurred for a period of 12 weeks thereafter provided that the Board in its absolute discretion may waive compliance or modify the provisions of this Rule in whole or in part.

(c) If in the opinion of the Board or the Actuary the funds held by the Society are at any time insufficient to meet payments (whether for benefits or otherwise) which the Board may reasonably anticipate the Society is obliged to make, the Board may, if it thinks fit, and shall if advised by the Actuary, impose a general levy not exceeding an amount of one year’s contribution to the Society to be payable by all members at such time and in such manner (whether by instalments or otherwise) as the Board may determine. Such power shall only be exercised once during any financial year of the Society.

(d) New members shall pay such joining fee as the Board may determine not exceeding the maximum joining fee as may from time to time be fixed by members of the Society at a General Meeting of the Society.