(a)   A Member (“nominator”) may nominate a person or persons (“nominee”) to whom any sum of money payable by the Society on the death of the nominator.

(b)   Any nomination must be in writing, signed by the nominator, and either hand delivered to or sent to the Registered Office of the Society. 

(c)    If the nomination is in favour of two or more persons, the sum payable shall be paid in the shares specified in the nomination and if no shares are specified then in equal shares.  

(d)    The amount of any benefit payable by the Society is subject in all other respects to the provisions of Sections 43 – 45 of the Act.

(e)     Subject to receipt of satisfactory proof of the death of a nominator (which shall either be the production of a certificate of the entry of death of the nominator in the Register of Deaths or the grant or probate of the will of the nominator or letters of administration with respect to the nominators estate) the Society shall pay to the nominee the amount specified in the nomination.