(a) Whenever a postal ballot is required by these Rules or otherwise the Secretary
shall forthwith appoint a Returning Officer who shall be advised in writing of the election
to be conducted or the question to be decided.

(b) In the case of an election, the Secretary shall advise the Returning Officer that nominations have been called for and the date and time by which nominations are to be received. Nominations shall be made in a form approved by the Board, signed by two nominators who shall be financial members of the Society and signed by the candidate accepting nomination. Nominations shall be sent to either the Secretary or the Returning Officer as the Secretary may determine.

(c) Upon the closing of nominations the Returning Officer shall prepare the necessary ballot paper.

(d) As soon as possible after nominations have closed or any question or issue to be voted upon has been delivered to the Returning Officer, the Returning Officer shall cause to be delivered or forwarded by post (whether at the last known address or Fire Station at which the member was known to serve) to each member who is eligible to vote in the ballot the electoral ballot paper showing clearly the persons nominated for election or the question to be voted upon as the case may be and stating the method of voting and the time within which such ballot paper or papers are to be returned to the Returning Officer at an address specified thereon. The time specified shall not be less than 10 days from the date on which such papers have been delivered or would have been received in the ordinary course of post.

(e) As soon as possible after the time for returning the ballot papers has expired, the Returning Officer shall count the votes and shall declare the result of the ballot. The Returning Officer shall verify the result of the ballot by a statutory declaration in the presence of a Justice of the Peace or any other person authorised to take such declaration.